US Navy Retired desabled screwed by Nycewheels

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I explained I needed a charger for my bicycle battery which they sent.The brand of the battery is Bionx.

The charger did not work, so I took the bike to an authorized Bionx dealer and I was told the charger did not charge and my battery was in good shape. I returned the charger to NYCE WHEELS and they said it worked and asked if I wanted it back. I did'nt and they charged $55 repacking and other fees.

They did not take my or the bike shop word.USN RET DISABLE (23YRS) I needed it for therapy from the Gulf War, which, I explained to them.

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NycEwheels stole 500 dollars

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This company sold me a Bionx electric bike kit that did not work.Then after numerous phone calls and emails the owner finally said send it back for a full refund.

I did and expected to lose 100 dollars in shipping to and from NYC since the items are battery and motor which are both heavy, but additionally I was charged a 20% restock fee after being told it would be waved. The owner also lied and said the item was damaged by me. After the credit card investigated they sided with him and sent me notice if I did not pay they would ruin my credit.

Never trust this thief company.NycEwheels are THIEF THIEF THIEFS!!!

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Ellsworth, Pennsylvania, United States #89704

The issue is they sent a broken product and then over the telephone told me to deal with it myself or just return it for a full refund. I am finished with the issue but posted this to warn good people about a Liar and a Thief. Take the advice or not but be forewarned how this man does buisness.


Well, they do seem to be a top notch shop with great reviews. It also seems that the credit card issuer is on their side, usually not the case. (if they rule in the favor of the customer they get to keep their 3% fee)

If stores take returns on open items, 20% seems reasonable from my experiance?


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